We are extremely aware of the impact our construction activities have on our local communities. By actively raising our operating standards, reducing disruption and minimising environmental damage, we are ensuring this impact is a positive one.

Associate Member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme

In 2008 we became Associate Members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). As Associate Members we wholeheartedly embrace the scheme’s principles which now form an integral part of our on-site operations.

Under the scheme we regularly visit schools and colleges to raise awareness of the dangers of construction sites.

This may involve interactive presentations, poster competitions and popular visits from CCS mascot, Ivor Goodsite.

Safe, Clean, Responsible Sites

Each of our sites is regularly inspected by the Independent Scheme Monitors to ensure they comply with CCS criteria. This means you can be sure our sites are safe, clean and responsible.

Our consistently high scores reflect our commitment and place us in the top 10% for Considerate Constructor Performance in the UK.

Scores for 2009/2010

Over the past 12 months we are proud that our sites have achieved an average Considerate Construcor score of 34.8 which when compared to the Industry Average of 32.2 for the same period clearly demonstrates our commitment to the scheme.

CCS Score Chart

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